Jardín de Infantes


This month we had our Valentine’s day celebration. We played different “heart” games and practiced many descriptive words. The “heart” story we read had to do with different feelings and we were able to see and count many of the hearts in maestra’s huge collection!

Next we celebrated the milestone of the 100th day of school. Can you believe it?
Cien (100) has become one of our new favorite words to say.
We also have been singing our Ciempies (centipede) song a lot to celebrate this big number.
We also have a new exercise song in which we vary our movements every ten numbers until we reach 100!

“Ay, las frutas” is our new favorite song that helps us practice all the fruits that we like (and others that we don’t like so much).

Ay, las Frutas

Enero - 2017 

Bienvenidos back to school! 
I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing winter break.

In Kindergarten, we are back in the swing of things
and are learning all about transportation.

This is one of our songs, which kids in Spanish-speaking 
countries also love to sing in Kindergarten!

(Bubba descubriendo los transportes)

On January 6th we were visited by the Reyes Magos, who left prizes in our shoes outside of the classroom! All this happened while we were enjoying a typical “Rosca de Reyes” baked with a traditional surprise inside.

Diciembre - 2016 
Have a happy, enjoyable and relaxing time over the Holidays. See you in 2017! 

-  Maestra

This holiday season, we've been learning about all of our favorite toys.

Los juguetes en QUIZLET

Tin Tin

Noviembre - 2016

El plato, el bol, el tenedor, el cuchillo and la cuchara
have been part of our latest vocabulary unit.

Students especially like the song, El Payaso Plin-Plin, which we are learning. It is a children’s classic in Spanish-speaking countries.

“Don tomate y las vocales” is a favorite song in our repertoire for practicing sounds of the vowels.

Also, we are excited to practice different body parts! Ask your child what new words they know!

Octubre - 2016

Queridos padres,
It was nice meeting many of you at our recent conferences. I feel honored to work with your children. Thank you so much for coming.

Here are some of the songs that we 
are enjoying in jardín de infantes:

El ciempiés

Cuenten conmigo

Familia de dedos


Septiembre - 2016
We are off to a great start in Spanish class!
So far, we have learned and practiced numbers, colors, sounds and some action words.
Next we will be learning all about families and school.

I’m really excited to announce that this year we will be learning basic information about 


Enjoy one of our favorite songs: Chu Chu Ua